Automatic Delivery Service

No need to stay home or leave a check when you need a delivery

By choosing JC Discount Fuel Oil‘s Daily Low Rate Automatic Plan, you will never have to worry about running empty or calling for home heating oil again. We keep track of your usage and the temperature outside, and by using the Degree Day System our computers can calculate how much heating oil you have in your tank and forecast your next scheduled delivery. We will send an oil truck to your home before you are running low so you do not have to monitor your tank and call us when you need it. We will monitor your tank for you! You’ll receive a bill in the mail based on the amount of oil and price per gallon at the time of delivery. Some of the numerous advantages to JC Discount Fuel Oil‘s automatic plan are as follows:

  • Daily Low Rate on Automatic basis
  • Convenient payment terms and payment options
  • No need to monitor your tank and call when you are low on home heating oil
  • Lock In Contracts Available!

JC Discount Fuel Oil has been providing some of LI’s biggest heating oil consumers with some of the lowest heating oil prices for years. Heavy volume users can order bulk quantities at a heavily discounted rate. Our qualified staff of sales representatives is ready to book your next order and happy to start saving you money.

Whether a small business, or large corporation, JC Discount Fuel Oil is dedicated in serving you no matter what your heating oil needs may be. The greater the quantity, the greater the savings! By filling out the heating oil delivery form you can be well on the way to saving your company money!

In these times every penny counts. By becoming a JC Discount Fuel Oil customer you are on your way to savings!